A number of studies have shown what reducing noise in the Hospital Environment can have a beneficial effect on the health of patients and improve recovery rates.

Florence Nightingale, in her book “Notes on Nursing” wrote: “Unnecessary noise, or noise that creates an expectation in the mind, is that which hurts a patient. Unnecessary noise, then, is the most cruel absence of care which can be inflicted either on sick or well”

Since nowadays the number of electrically powered equipment used in hospitals has rapidly increased since these times the noise levels have also risen accordingly.

There are many causes of noise in such equipment but one in particular is from the power supply and the associated fan. If this fan can be removed from the design by the use of a conduction or convection rated power supply. One particular range of power supplies fits these criteria the CoolX range of modular power supplies from Excelsys ( an Advanced Energy Company).

Some of the key benefits of the Cool X units are as follows:

  • Convection Cooled no need for Heatsinks,cold wall or airflow, no fan required therefore no fan noise
  • EMC immunity transients & surges level 4 (instead of 3, so much more robust)
  • 5000m safety approved
  • 24W auxiliary (5V or 12V) compared to a usual 1A auxiliary supply found on most industrial supplies to power a fan, this is useful for other ancillaries
  • PM bus monitoring & control features
  • Field Configurable- a true “plug and play” solution
  • Series or parallel connection of outputs is possible to provide higher voltage/current outputs if needed

Advanced Energy advise that The CoolX platform, offers increased flexibility by allowing system designers to monitor and control power supply performance via analog or digital communications (PMBus™). With no requirement for fan or base plate cooling, the CoolX platform can provide from 600 to 1800 W while eliminating acoustic noise. The power supplies are also ideal for applications sensitive to vibration or where fan cooling is not permitted.

Our factory trained engineers are on hand to assist with product selection and configuration of our wide range of power supplies for medical and industrial applications to fit your requirements. Contact us now to discuss.

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