08 Series – Broadcast Quality Switch


08 Series – Broadcast Quality Switch

This series is not recommended for new designs.

As with all Veetronix switches the switch itself is hermetically sealed to ensure reliability.

There is a range of keycaps available that can be custom marked if required.




Luso are the exclusive distributor for the UK and Ireland for Veetronix Switches and keycaps. Their unique design; being magnetically actuated ensures no moving parts touch the contacts. As the switch is hermetically sealed this prevents air, dust, moisture or gas contamination which ensures reliability. A wide range of relegendable keycaps are available in a variety of colours and shapes with either solid, clear and or concave covers. Veetronix switches can be found in military and government control panels, keyboard panels, computer keyboards, and switches for video and audio equipment. Call us for technical support on your design requirements, sample kits are available.

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08 Series Datasheet