A CCTV system is a crucial part of a security system these days for all companies. To ensure that this system is efficient and provides the secure environment required there needs to be a constant electricity supply to the system. Its therefore important to include an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) in your system which will ensure that its working 24/7. If a camera or recording equipment fails due to a lack of power it becomes a security risk. This would be very unfortunate if happened at the same time as an incident such as a burglary.

The purpose of a UPS is to provide a consistent and reliable supply of electricity if a critical failure such as a mains power outage or voltage deviations occur.

What happens if you don’t have a UPS in your CCTV System?

If you operate your CCTV system without a UPS then your system is liable to fail at crucial times. If there is a power outage or a voltage spike then the system can fail, resulting in the cameras to stop working or hardware damage to the recording system which can destroy the whole footage. Adding a suitable UPS to your CCTV system provides secure power. This means your system gets a clean power supply at all times as the batteries in the UPS provide a stable output power protecting your equipment.

Where does the UPS fit in your CCTV system?

The UPS sits in between the input power supply and the CCTV system which is powered from the UPS. So, it provides a clean power supply to your critical security equipment, removing power surges/spikes and if there is an outage the batteries will power the equipment for a certain time.

What sort of UPS should you select for your CCTV System?

AEG Power Solutions recommends online UPS systems such as the Protect C or Protect D UPS models which provide mains independent power for a CCTV system. The Protect C is a stand-alone unit, whilst the Protect D is suitable for a 19” rack cabinet.

Brochure for Protect C Range

Brochure for Protect D Range

What does our team say about this?

William Simmons from AEG Power Solutions advises that they have had many customers involved in security utilising their critical power products for their CCTV systems. “The Protect C and D range are ideal for CCTV applications, they offer a plug and play solution, with the highest security standard. Through our trusted distribution channel, Luso Electronics can offer any AEG UPS system that is an ideal solution to meet your critical power requirements”

Warren Venn – BDM for Luso Electronics adds, “Mains voltage variations occur more often than expected. The consequences are crashes, loss of data and costly downtimes. The solution is uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), with our partner AEG Power Solutions we can specify an ideal system to match your specific application”

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