TimeLink offer a range of products enabling Humans to interface with machines and computers via touch technology.

Founded in 2004 and based in Shenzhen. TimeLink offer solutions where interaction with a display can enhance the experience; be that in an educational, industrial, business or entertainment application.

Timelink are ISO 9001 registered and their products are RoHS compliant certified.

Utilising their innovative and patented “Surface Light Wave” technology (SLW) they offer multi touch solutions. Based on the transmission properties of light SLW creates a dense light net. When a broken signal is received the processor will analyse this and thus the touch points can be recognised. SLW is the most advanced multi touch technology available in China today.

The TimeLink Multi-touch Screen offers a perfect solution of converting a normal monitor into a multi-touch monitor. The screen is no longer a single output equipment, but also an interactive input equipment that helps people to get rid of the mouse and keyboard

Product Range:

  •  Interactive Whiteboards
  •  Multi Touch Screen
  •  Multi Touch Monitor
  •  Video Walls