Enedo Power ( Was Efore) manufacture power supplies targeted at industrial and medical applications. The range starts at 200W, with 400, 600 and 1200W variants.

Their RCB series of configurable power supplies offer unrivalled performance and flexibility. Enedo can also offer custom and tailored solutions if required

Industrial Power

Medical Power

Configurable Power

DDP200 – 200W Industrial PSU

MDP200 – 200W Medical PSU

600W & 1200W configurable PSU


DDP400 – 400W Industrial PSU

MDP400 – 400W Medical PSU

Overview of Enedo Industrial Range

DDP600 – 600W Industrial PSU

DDP600 – 600W Medical PSU

Sealed Power Supplies

DDP1200 – 1200W Industrial PSU

MDP1200 – 1200W Medical PSU

Overview of Enedo Medical Range