UltiMod – The Ultimate Range of Modular Power Supplies

The UltiMod range of power supplies offers unrivalled performance and demonstrates our global leadership in product reliability, efficiency and cost competitiveness.

The UX4 delivers up to 600W and can be populated with up to 4 powerMods, the UX6 delivers up to 1200W and can be populated with up to 6 powerMods. The UltiMod is designed to offer users the lowest cost of ownership over its lifetime and simplify both selection and procurement. Samples are available to be shipped in around 24 hours. Ideal for both Industrial and Medical applications


  • Highest Efficiency – up to 92%
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Dual Safety Approvals:
    UL/EN60950 2nd edition & UL/EN60601-1 3rd edition
  • User Field Configurable
  • SEMI F47 Compliant
  • Lowest Acoustic Noise
  • UX4: 4 Slots and up to 600W output power
  • UX6: 6 Slots and up to 1200W output power
  • Outputs from 1.0V to 58V
  • Medical Features: Leakage Current <300uA,
    2 MOPP, 4KV Isolation  (<150uA Leakage current option available)
  • Industrial Features:Extra Ruggedised as standard, Shock: >60G’s, -40°C Startup Temperature


UltiMod Modular Power Supplies

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