Overview of the EEMPL range of magnetic products illustrating the wide variety of products available for multiple applications.

Networking Discretes

Transformers and filters for 10,100, 1000 & 10G Base-T applications

Transformers for PoE & PoE+ applications

Magnetic Integrated Connectors

RJ-45 connectors with integrated magnetics for 10,100, 1000 & 10G Base-T applications and PoE & PoE+ applications

Telecom Discretes

Transformers for all telecom standards

Broadband Access

Filters, splittters, transformers and common mode chokes for xDSL applications

Power Magnetics

Power inductors for many applications including Automotive requirements.

Electronic Modules

AFE modules for xDSL applications, various modules for telecom and networking applications.

Power custom modules a speciality

Wireless Coil Modules

Coils for all WPC and Qi standards.

Customised shapes available.