The MDS series of enclosed power supply come with universal AC input at 90 Vac to 264 Vac. Other features include low touch current, risk management report available and the electric shock protection comply with 2 x MOPP. The MDS series is certified for EMC standards according to EN/BS EN 55011 for industrial, scientific and medical (ISM) radio-frequency equipment and EN/BS EN 55032 for Information Technology Equipment (ITE) radio-frequency equipment. In addition, only recognized Japanese capacitors are used. The MDS series of embedded power supply come with both medical and ITE safety approvals including UL/cUL/CE and CB certification and are fully compliant with RoHS Directive for environmental protection.

They come in compact 2” x 4” or 3”x 5” footprint models


  • Safety Approvals to IEC 60601-1 3.1rd ed. & IEC 602368-1
  • Compliant with IEC 60601-1-2 4th Ed. Requirements
  • Low touch current (<0.1mA Normal & <0.3mA single fault)
  • Over-Voltage/Load/Temperature & Short Circuit protections
  • 3 million Hours MTBF
  • 2 x MOPP (means of patient protection)

Model Information

Model Name Input VoltageOutput VoltageCurrent OutputSize
MDS-200ADB12AA90-264V12V16.67A4″ x 2″
MDS-200ADB24AA90-264V24V8.33A4″ x 2″
MDS-250ADB12AA90-264V12V20.84A5″ x 3″
MDS-250ADB24AA90-264V24V10.41A5″ x 3″
MDS-300ADB12AA90-264V12V25A5″ x 3″
MDS-300ADB18AA90-264V18V16.66A5″ x 3″
MDS-300ADB24AA90-264V24V12.5A5″ x 3″
MDS-300ADB48AA90-264V48V6.25A5″ x 3″
MDS-400ADB12AA90-264V12V33.33A5″ x 3″
MDS-400ADB24AA90-264V24V16.66A5″ x 3″

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