MEG-A series AC-DC configurable power supplies.

Replacing single-output power supplies, the MEG-A series power supply has up to 9 slots, providing multiple outputs to meet different end equipment needs. They significantly reduce the number of power supplies required, which also improves space usage efficiency. There are 4 different versions, from a 700W unit with 3 module slots up to a 3kW unit with 9 module slots.

Their flexible modular design, with modules offering 2V to 60V adjustable output voltages, and multiple sets of output power combinations make it possible for different configurations to satisfy different equipment requirements while also saving on space. With these power supplies, outputs can be monitored and adjusted accurately via various digital communication interfaces.

The modular design makes the MEG-A series flexible in application. A dedicated power supply can be assembled using optional fan direction, AC inlet type, or voltage—all according to the requirements of specific equipment or industrial environments, satisfying every type of condition.

The range comprises the following variants

MEG-700A3 – 700W 3 Slots

MEG-1K2A4 – 1200W 4 Slots

MEG-2K1A6 – 2100W 6 Slots

MEG-3K0A9 – 3000W 9 Slots

These power supplies are particularly suitable for medical instruments such as computer tomography and surgical equipment. Accordingly, the MEG-A series of configurable power supplies complies with 2 x MOPP electrical standards and IEC 60601-1-2 (Ed.4). Ensuring high reliability, the MEG-A series conforms to IEC 60950-1, IEC 62368-1 ITE safety, and SEMI F47 standards.

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