Luso Electronics announces the availability of SynQor’s latest Hi-Rel and Quad-output DC-DC Bus Converters designed for ultra-high efficiency, reliability and performance. Awarded with key product quality and safety certifications for higher power military use, the converters operate from -55 °C to +125 °C baseplate temperature with no de-rating.

SynQor’s new isolated/unregulated DC-DC Bus Converters – the MQBQ-270-28B and MQBQ-28-28B – employ the company’s Intermediate Bus Architecture that deliver a class-leading efficiency of over 95% at full- and half-load operation with up to 400W of output power across the input voltage range.

The SynQor MQBQ-270-28B and MQBQ-28-28B Bus Converters feature a continuous input voltage range of 230-400Vdc and 18-40Vdc respectively. The former creates an isolated and unregulated output voltage that is nominally 28V when the input is 270V, the latter an output voltage of 27V when the input is 28V. With each converter there is an additional droop in the output voltage of less than 5% at full load current.

In a quarter brick package and input voltage range of 6-15V, the MCOTS-N QUAD is a non-isolated DC-DC converter employing synchronous rectification to achieve high conversion efficiency. The quad-output converter generates three positive output voltages (up to 30A each) and one negative output voltage (up to 1A),  with all outputs delivering a wide trim range to offer the flexibility to the user to set custom voltages if necessary. Protection features include shutdowns for points when currents, voltages or temperatures are running too high as well as a lockout for any input under-voltage.

The SynQor military spec digital bus power converters are available to purchase from Luso Electronics for customers in the UK and Ireland.