HVM Technology have announced the PMT Series, which is a fully integrated module for use with a wide variety of photo multiplier tubes. Designed for ease of use, the PMT Series contains an adjustable high voltage generator, active transistorised divider and pre-amp in a space-saving (1.55”D x 0.48”H) package.

Requiring no external components the easy to use module includes an active voltage divider for up to 8 dynodes. With a wide input voltage range of 5 to 24V; the PMT series are designed to ease design of equipment using photo multiplier tubes for low light detection instrumentation.

The PMT Series also has voltage monitoring available. Models are available in positive or negative polarity.HVM’s proprietary, ultra-compact resonant converter design minimises quiescent current and operating noise while delivering maximum performance and reliability.
Typical applications for this module include photomultiplier tubes for detection and scintillation counters.


  •  Easy to Use, No External Components Required
  •  Wide Input Voltage Range (5V – 24V)
  •  Internal High Voltage Generator
  •  High Voltage Monitoring
  •  Positive or Negative Models Available
  •  Active Voltage Divider for up to 8 Dynodes
  •  Dual Internal Pre-Amp (AC and DC)
  •  Full Encapsulation Protection
  •  Operating Temperature Range (-40°C to +60°C)

Please contact our factory trained engineers for more information and to discuss how we can assist in component selection for your application.