Din Rail Mounted battery chargers for Industrial DC Backup systems

by | Dec 14, 2022 | Industrial, Press release

Sampling now via Luso, are the BC1-1210 and BC2-2410 compact din rail mounted battery chargers.

Ideal for industrial DC Backup systems for use with lead acid batteries.

The BC1-1210 produces a 13.5V typical output voltage, for use with 12V batteries, the BC2-2410, outputs 27V for charging 24V batteries. Both operate at 10A.

In a compact package, these battery chargers feature an LED to indicate that the unit is charging and have a CV and CC charging profile. This combined with an array of onboard protection circuits including overload protection, short circuit protection over voltage protection and a relay to enable reverse battery protection.


  • CVCC Charging Profile
  • Charging indicator – LED
  • Battery Over Charge Protection
  • Compact Size
  • Input range 150 – 270 V AC

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