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Luso support a wide range of power supplies and associated products for many communications applications. From a globe spanning array of manufacturers, our experienced factory trained product specialists are able to assist and recommend products for your power requirements.

We have solutions ranging from low power board mounted dc/dc converters through to 3KW configurable switch mode power supplies. Our range includes open frame and enclosed power supplies and adaptors, both plug top and desktop; all to the latest specifications. We also offer the critical power products, such as UPS systems and inverters from AEG Power Solutions.

We offer technical and commercial support to customers large and small throughout the UK and Ireland. Contact us to experience a different level of support from the power specialists

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    Overview of our product offering

    Delta Electronics

    Delta provides high quality power supplies for many applications. Their fast growing range of standard products includes AC adapters ,open-frame and enclosed models for many applications requiring high reliability and performance.

    Enedo Power

    Enedo’s selection of  power solutions meets all current EN62368-1 safety standards. By using pre-approved products, designers can eliminate risks and speed compliance, without jeopardizing target launch dates. The range includes 200W, 400W , 600W & 1200W single output units in various form factors and also the RCB600 and RCB1200 multi output configurable supplies.

    N2Power AC/DC Power Supply

    N2 Power

    N2Power manufacture high efficiency power supplies. Our environmentally-friendly designs reduce energy consumption, generate less waste heat,  yielding decreased AC loads and increased reliability.

    They offer feature rich power supplies, including current sharing, built in or-ing diodes for N+1 redundancy, PM Bus communications, Active PFC and multi output units.

    AEG Power Solutions

    AEG Power Solutions ensures continuous availability of power and the safe operation of critical applications in all environments.

    Our comprehensive range of rugged, world-class AC and DC power protection ensures optimal uptime of production processes.

    The range includes single and three phase UPS systems and inverters.

    Elec & Eltek

    Manufacturer of magnetic components, transformers, noise filters and common mode chokes. The Elec&Eltek product line includes filtered connectors and power-over-Ethernet connectors. They also offer a wide range of RJ-45 integrated magnetic modules, and Qi coils for wireless charging applications. Custom designs are a specialty.

    P-Duke Power

    P-Duke Power offer a range of standard AC/DC power supplies from 15W to 450W and DC/Dc Converters from 1W to 300W. All products offer high efficiency, great isolation voltage and high power density. Their AC/DC PSU’s operate at under -40°C ambient temperature and over 5000 meters altitude with safety certifications for a variety of applications.