Miniature high voltage 15kV opto-coupler simplifies design requirements

Luso announce that HVM Technology the specialists in miniature high voltage power converters have released a miniature 15kV Opto-Coupler. The OPTO-150 is a miniature; 15kV rated high voltage opto-coupler which integrates low voltage LED drivers with high voltage photo detector diodes. Typical applications for the OPTO-150 include high voltage switching, high voltage isolation, external [...]

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Power Input Filter Module to simplify EMI requirements

Elec & Eltek Magnetic Products have recently released an input filter module to reduce noise to enable designers to easily meet EMI standards. The MD-R0122 is available in a surface mount package which is form, fit and function compatible to other filters available from alternative manufacturers such as the popular FLT007 module. Being designed [...]

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Luso sells new panel mount power supplies with UPS DC voltage for security systems and access control

Luso announces availability of Delta Electronics’ new family of AC/DC panel mount power supplies with integrated uninterruptible power supply (UPS) DC voltage, particularly suitable for security applications such as CCTV, alarm systems, access control and automatic doors where operation is usually required at all times. The Delta PMU-155W, part of the PMU series, is [...]

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Luso expands industrial and medical power portfolio with deal to distribute Delta’s high-efficiency power supplies

Luso Electronics has signed a deal with Delta Electronics to become UK and Ireland distributor for its range of high-efficiency and robust power supplies. In particular, Luso will focus on selling Delta’s open frame and panel mount power supplies suitable for industrial and factory automation applications and high quality power supplies for healthcare and medical [...]

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Savings Calculator for Power Designers

Download SynQor's Savings Calculator, a spreadsheet which allows easy customization of the savings analysis to fit your specific conditions or you can download a file from your Google Drive here. You can input your own DC-DC converter values and cost assumptions, factors outlined in a 'High Efficiency Pays' white paper which can also be downloaded.

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Luso expands portfolio with new exclusive distribution agreement with Andon Electronics for SynQor DC/DC converter sockets

Luso Electronics Distribution today announced a distribution agreement for the UK and Ireland with Andon Electronics, a leading manufacturer of IC sockets and interconnects for telecommunications, medical, military and aerospace markets. A highly significant element of the agreement is Luso's exclusivity for Andon's range of sockets that are especially designed to work with DC/DC converter [...]

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