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Top 10 reasons to invest in a UPS system?

A UPS, or Uninterruptible Power Supply system, is a critical component in various settings to provide backup power when the primary power source fails or experiences fluctuations. Here are some benefits of using a UPS system in your application. Protection against Power Cuts: The primary purpose of a UPS is to provide a temporary [...]

USB-C PD Chargers offer fast charging abilities

Available from Luso are the APD045 and APD065 USB-C Power delivery chargers from Adaptor Technology. These units, respectively offer up to 45W and 65W power output via the USB-C supplied connector. USB-Power Delivery (PD) is a fast-charging technology based on the USB-C standard; which provides much higher performance than standard charging methods. These units [...]

Compact POL non-isolated DC/DC Modules offer design versatility.

The DOS/DOH series of POL modules from P-Duke offer designers flexibility of choice with offerings in SIL and SMD packages. With versions in 6A, 10A, 16A & 30A all with nominal 5V and 12V inputs and variable outputs covering range of 0.75V to 5V ( 5.5V on 30A) these versatile modules are suitable for [...]

Efore add 200W family to their industrial DDP Range

Available now from Luso is the DDP200 series from Efore, adding a 200W family to their popular DDP range of industrial power supplies. Available in 12, 24 and 48 VDC standard output variants, this series of high performance AC/DC power supplies provides up to 200 W of steady output power with moving air, and [...]

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N2Power announce Value Added Manufacturing Capabilities

In a recent discussion with Randy Johnson VP Sales of N2Power we discussed how they were moving into the arena of “Value Added Manufacturing”. For many years N2Power have offered the facility to customers of modifications to their standard power supplies at low min quantities of around 250 pieces. These modifications are such as [...]

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Ultra-compact, high efficiency 125W AC-DC PSU raises the bar with power density performance

Luso Electronics introduces N2Power's  XR125RE and XR125 AC-DC power supplies in the UK and Ireland. These ultra-small power supplies provide the highest power density in the market at their rated 125W power output. This ultra-compact format is ideal for broadcast, storage and network products include servers and routers, switches and other processor-based equipment for applications [...]

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Evaluation kits for easy-to- install, high-reliability switches targeting broadcast applications

Luso Electronics announces availability of evaluation kits for Veetronix's 09 series of high-reliability switches and keycaps aimed primarily for use in the broadcasting sector among other applications. Consisting of four mounted 09 series switches on a PCB, the compact sample kit allows engineers to evaluate the quality of the component and how it feels to [...]

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Ultra-compact 160W AC-DC module delivers market leading efficiencies

Luso Electronics introduces N2Power's XR160 and XR160RE AC-DC power supplies. These ultra-small power supplies provide the highest power density in the market at their rated 160W power output. This ultra-compact format is ideal for broadcast, storage and network products with applications in the industrial, gaming and instrumentation markets that require significant power within a very [...]

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Sealed IP-67 AC-DC power module for outdoor displays

Luso Electronics, UK distributor of high input voltage power supplies manufactured by EFORE, announces availability of EFORE's ROAL-branded DDP400 high efficiency AC-DC sealed power module. With its high efficiency, small form factor and convection or conduction cooling capability, the sealed power supply is ideal for digital outdoor displays, LED lighting, and industrial control or clean [...]

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