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Integrated HV Power Supply simplifies design for PMT Requirements

HVM Technology have announced the PMT Series, which is a fully integrated module for use with a wide variety of photo multiplier tubes. Designed for ease of use, the PMT Series contains an adjustable high voltage generator, active transistorised divider and pre-amp in a space-saving (1.55”D x 0.48”H) package. Requiring no external components the [...]

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Join Luso at Engineering Solutions Live – 12 March 2020

Join us on March 12th for Engineering Solutions Live, which brings together four key engineering technology areas under one roof, in a one-day, easy-to attend-event. Running for over 15 years, Engineering Solutions Live is the largest gathering of engineering, design and manufacturing professionals and suppliers in the UK. Combined of four complementary events: Engineering [...]

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Increased range of standard Qi wireless power coils for low power & medium power applications

Elec&Eltek Magnetic Products ( EEMPL) have increased their range of standard coils for wireless power applications. With a wide range of standard products for both low power and medium power applications, EEMPL continue to maintain their industry leading position on wireless power technology with many reference designs for all the major chip manufacturers in [...]

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Military Power Inverter MIL-INV Series can be used in Mounted or Portable Applications

AJ’s Power Source family of Military Power Inverter products provides reliable, cost effective DC to AC inverter power solutions. The different power levels range from 500 to 800 watts and have no need for forced air cooling. The heat produced by the internal power conversion is removed by the exterior cooling fins. Options are [...]

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