Unlocking the Potential of N2 Power : Exploring their range of power supplies

Introduction Power supplies are the lifeblood of modern technology, providing the necessary energy to keep our electronic devices running smoothly. Among the myriad power supply options available, N2 Power have emerged as a leading choice due to their efficiency, versatility, and innovative features of their power supplies. In this article, we will explore their [...]

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N2Power – Focus on Medical Power

N2 Power are proud of their growing range of medical grade power supplies which build off their track record of innovation and reliability. As their product range continues to grow and evolve with global power needs, N2Power remains committed to their core goal—to provide the OEM market with state-of-the-art, ultra-small standalone switch-mode power supplies [...]

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Ultra-compact convection cooled 125W power supply offers flexibility in 4 formats

The XS125 is not only one of the smallest 125-Watt power supplies on the market, in a 2” x 3” footprint, it is also available in a choice of four different packages to suit diverse application requirements; XSO Open-Frame, XSU U-Channel, XSE Enclosed and XSD DIN Rail. Despite its small size, the full 125 [...]

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New Product Roadmap from N2 Power

Coming soon from N2 Power, their new product roadmap. Samples and prototype quantities expected by end Q4 2022 on all parts. The latest news on these new exciting new additions to the N2 range is as follows: XL750 has engineering samples available now. XS125 and XL180’s, samples are expected in October. XL700 is currently [...]

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N2Power add 500W family to their dual certified ITE & Medical grade XLM series

The XLM500 Family is dual certified with the latest versions of UL69050 & UL60601 certificates for use in both information technology equipment (ITE) and medical equipment. As with the XLM240 family these 500W medical power supplies are available in open frame, U-chassis and a fully enclosed unit with fan incorporated. This unique design offers [...]

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