Luso Microwave displays custom antenna solutions at IBC

Luso Microwave, a division of Luso Electronic Products Ltd., will be showcasing at IBC (Hall 1, stand A32) a 1.5m antenna, manufactured alongside a 1.2m version, recently produced exclusively for ND SatCom. Many months of development were carried out at Luso's facility in Luton, England, with the components being verified by an independent partner consultant [...]

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Ideal solutions for Professional AV and Broadcast equipment – IBC2015

With IBC on the horizon we thought it would be a good time to look at and review some products from Luso that are ideal for professional broadcast applications. Veetronix's latest range of switches, the 09 series are ideal for anyone looking to integrate a quality switch into their new design at a low cost. [...]

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Luso offers fast, reliable supply of Ku-Band Feeds for low-budget satellite news gathering applications

Luso Microwave, an operating division of Luso Electronics that manufactures and installs microwave systems and components for commercial and military satellite markets, announces the launch of competitively-priced Ku-Band Feeds designed for SNG (satellite news gathering) applications. The WG17 Feeds operate with linear orthogonal polarisation over a transmit (Tx) frequency range of 13.75 – 14.50GHz and [...]

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Luso Electronics’ Microwave Division boosted by appointment of new Principal Engineer

Luso Electronics, a UK based supplier of satcom products, engineering components for machinery and power electronic products, has appointed Geoff Smith as Principal Engineer of its Microwave division. The move follows the company's official opening of a new design and manufacturing facility in Luton, England, that delivers fully integrated turn-key installations and microwave products to [...]

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Luso’s modular C-band to KA-band VSAT antennas simplify installation, cut costs and add flexibility

Luso Microwave, an operating division of Luso Electronics that manufactures and installs microwave systems and components for commercial and military satellite markets, has announced a new family of modular C–band to KA-band antennas in a range of reflector sizes from 1.2m to 4.2m. The modular design reduces installation time, cut costs and adds flexibility to [...]

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Luso Electronics launches fast-track cable assembly service supported by online ordering and design tools

Luso Electronics announces the launch of its fast-track coaxial cable assembly service with a new web-based order management system to speed up the process of choosing from the wide range of high-quality cabling and connectors that cover frequencies in the range 1 GHz to 40 GHz. Most of the custom-made cable assembly solutions that Luso [...]

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Luso Electronics opens manufacturing facility to boost delivery of complete turn-key microwave assembly solutions

Luso Electronics announces the opening of a new design and manufacturing facility that will boost the company's delivery of fully integrated turn-key installations and microwave products to meet increasing demand, primarily from customers in commercial and military satellite communications. While most European microwave product providers simply supply components, Luso has been designing, developing, testing, installing [...]

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Luso partners with APW Electronics for customised 19-inch cabinet design

Luso Electronics Distribution  is partnering with  APW Electronics Srl, a leading designer and manufacturer of 19-inch cabinets, to offer a fast-turnaround seven-day design service for customised cabinets for various markets including broadcast, transportation, industrial and computer networking applications. Earlier this year, Luso announced a distribution agreement for the UK and Ireland with Italian company APW [...]

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Luso Electronics adds high-efficiency LED-driver power modules from Shinelight to product portfolio

Luso Electronics has added to its distribution portfolio with new LED driver power supply modules from  Shinelight Technology  aimed at various lighting applications. The Shinelight range of LED driver power modules includes constant-current, 1-10V dimmable, timer-dimmable and DC input types. The constant-current LED driver modules include 40W types for indoor lighting applications, and 40W, 50W, [...]

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Luso Electronics signs agreement with A.T. Wall Company for precision tubing components for range of markets including RF/microwave

Luso Electronics, a supplier and installer of microwave systems and components and a franchised distributor via its Luso Electronics Distribution division, today announced a franchised distribution agreement for France, Ireland and the UK with Rhode Island based A.T. Wall Company, a world-class supplier of superior precision tubing and fabricated metal components. An ISO 9001:2008 registered [...]

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