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EEMPL add Ethernet transformers to their Automotive magnetic range

Elec&Eltek Magnetic Products (EEMPL) have released their first two Ethernet transformers specifically for Automotive applications. The A24V00009F (100Base-T) and A24V00010F (1000Base-T) both meet the AEC-Q200 requirements and are made in their own IATF16949 factory. With an operating temperature of -40 °C to 125°C and in a compact 16pin smd package these modules are expected [...]

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Elec & Eltek now offer Stators for use in EV and PHEV cars

EEMPL have now added custom stators to their range of automotive grade magnetic products built in their IATF16949:2016 qualified factory. These stators are used for small electrical motors, the application EEMPL see for them is as waterflow valves in EV and PHEV cars and are already in development with 2 major automotive manufacturers. Darren [...]

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E&E Magnetic Products “push the button” on IATF 16949 Approvals

Luso announce that E&E Magnetic Products Ltd have recently gained accreditation by TuV GmbH of their production and facilities to IATF16949:2016. EEMPL produce Inductors, Transformers and chokes to automotive specification and have design wins at many major automotive tier 1 accounts. As one of the first Magnetic component manufacturers in the world to receive this new approval [...]

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Power Input Filter Module to simplify EMI requirements

Elec & Eltek Magnetic Products have recently released an input filter module to reduce noise to enable designers to easily meet EMI standards. The MD-R0122 is available in a surface mount package which is form, fit and function compatible to other filters available from alternative manufacturers such as the popular FLT007 module. Being designed [...]

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Heat-resistant Magnetic Integrated Connector modules and polarity-friendly diode bridges

Two new UL-approved Magnetic Integrated Connector (MIC) modules from Elec & Eltek are now available from Luso Electronics. One option uses heat-resistant liquid crystal polymer (LCP) in place of standard plastics. The other RJ45 MIC upgrade integrates a Bridge Diode Array to eliminate polarity issues. By choosing to upgrade MIC modules using LCP, UK and [...]

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Elec & Eltek’s low cost USB 2.0 Filter Connectors delivering ESD protection, noise suppression and flexible PCB design

Luso Electronics announces the availability of Elec & Eltek's high-speed USB 2.0 Type A Filter Connectors designed to provide improved PCB design flexibility, suppress noise from data and power lines, and deliver reliable Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) protection to protect sensitive semiconductor components from damage due to Cable Discharge Events (CDE). This jack offers developers a [...]

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Luso introduces low cost, Industry Standard RJ45 magnetic jacks offering ease of use in Power over Ethernet applications

Luso Electronics announces the availability of right angle and vertical mount RJ45 connectors with integrated magnetics from Elec & Eltek (E&E), a leading manufacturer of magnetic components. E&E's new series of compact, low cost and high quality Magnetic Integrated Connectors (MICs) are available in Power over Ethernet (PoE) and higher power PoE Plus (PoE+) [...]

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Ideal solutions for Professional AV and Broadcast equipment – IBC2015

With IBC on the horizon we thought it would be a good time to look at and review some products from Luso that are ideal for professional broadcast applications. Veetronix's latest range of switches, the 09 series are ideal for anyone looking to integrate a quality switch into their new design at a low cost. [...]

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Did you know??? Elec&Eltek were one of the pioneers in wireless power technology?

Wireless inductive charging isn't a new technology by any means as anyone who has an electric toothbrush knows, but using this for powering a range of mobile devices is now beginning to take hold. Back in the early days of handheld PDA's, Elec&Eltek provided custom innovative coils to create the inductive coupling effect. Nowadays they [...]

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Qi-certified power coils for safe inductive charging of portable consumer devices available

Wireless power transmitter and receiver coil modules from Elec & Eltek (E&E), a leading manufacturer of magnetic components, are now available from Luso Electronics. These small, thin and highly efficient magnetic-induction-coil modules have been designed for use in wireless charging applications for portable electronic devices. There is growing market demand for the ease and safety [...]

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