Five things to look out for when designing magnetics for EV applications

We recently had a discussion with Darren Simmons, VP Elec&Eltek Magnetic Products about some key points that you need to consider when designing an EV power supply relating to the magnetic components that might easily get missed and make the design stage more complicated. Temperature Temperature control is critical. In order to prevent thermal [...]

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Specialist dc/dc converters for off-road vehicles powered by batteries

Designed for use in non- automotive off-road vehicles, these panel-mounted DC/DC converters, the BOX series, have a wide input voltage range of 18-106V and can provide up to 500W, regulated DC output voltage with high efficiency. The power module offers input UVLO, output over current limit, short circuit, output over voltage, over temperature, and [...]

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RCD modules for wallbox and totem EV chargers

Elec & Eltek have now released their latest product series of high-quality residual current detection (RCD) magnetic modules. Targeted specifically for residential wall boxes and public charge points; these RCD modules add to their extensive range of automotive grade magnetic components. The AMD-R0117F is an RCD module with integrated fluxgate IC. This enables accurate [...]

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Custom automotive spec inductors for use with LED lighting applications

EEMPL have announced that they are now supplying inductors specifically for use with LED's in Automotive specification. The LED has become the preferred lighting source in Automotive applications. The benefits of small form-factor, high efficiency and low power consumption has seen their deployment in all Automotive applications including Head Lights, Day time lights, Fog [...]

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Modular magnetics for EV wallbox and totem chargers designed for production.

Electric vehicles (EV) powered by high-voltage batteries incorporate an associated on-board charging system. This on-board charger (OBC) provides the means to re-charge the battery from the AC mains either at home or from outlets to be increasingly found in private or public charging stations. These home charging points or wall boxes, as well as [...]

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OBC magnetic modules for electric vehicles designed for ease of production

At the heart of any electric vehicle (EV) is its high-voltage battery and the associated charging system. The on-board charger (OBC) provides the means to re-charge the battery from the AC mains either at home or from outlets to be increasingly found in private or public charging stations. EEMPL offer all the magnetics needed [...]

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MP-19A Coils Increase Efficiency in Wireless Power Applications

Elec&Eltek Magnetic Products Ltd ( EEMPL) have announced that they are now supporting the MP-19A standard for Qi Wireless Power Coils. These are to the recent new Qi standard and Darren Simmons of EEMPL advises that they are again taking the lead and being first to market with this variant. The MP-19A version has [...]

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Increased range of standard Qi wireless power coils for low power & medium power applications

Elec&Eltek Magnetic Products ( EEMPL) have increased their range of standard coils for wireless power applications. With a wide range of standard products for both low power and medium power applications, EEMPL continue to maintain their industry leading position on wireless power technology with many reference designs for all the major chip manufacturers in [...]

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Delta introduce 500W DC/DC for Industrial Electric Powered Vehicles

Delta has introduced a new wide input range of dc/dc converters for industrial electric powered vehicles. The innovative B70SP series is specifically designed for Non-Automotive Transportation applications. This module features a fully encapsulated, waterproof, isolated DC-DC power converter with 500W output power and wide input range. The B70SP series has three variants each providing [...]

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EEMPL add Ethernet transformers to their Automotive magnetic range

Elec&Eltek Magnetic Products (EEMPL) have released their first two Ethernet transformers specifically for Automotive applications. The A24V00009F (100Base-T) and A24V00010F (1000Base-T) both meet the AEC-Q200 requirements and are made in their own IATF16949 factory. With an operating temperature of -40 °C to 125°C and in a compact 16pin smd package these modules are expected [...]

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