MIL-PWR Series

The MIL-PWR Series offers a highly reliable standard commercial off the shelf (COTS) solution in a rugged design. The output power levels range from 0-10,000 watts in a 1U-3U standard 19” rack mount configuration. The universal AC input of 90-264VAC can be either single or three-phase. Standard output options are available with a factory adjustable +/-10% of 3.3V, 5V, 12V, 24V, 28V & 48V (custom output voltages are available). The front to back airflow allows for cooling through the EMI covers and are easily removed and cleaned. The chassis is rated and designed for radiated and conducted EMI emissions. The chassis is designed for MIL-STD-810 shock, vibration, extended temperature & humidity.

Product Features

  • Universal VAC input voltage range (90-264)
  • Wide input Frequency Range (47-440Hz)
  • Single or Three Phase options.
  • High efficiency up to 90% across all voltages
  • Up to 4 outputs
  • Up to 10KW
  • Wide Operating/Non-Operating Temperature Range
  • Standard 19” rackmount Configurations, 1u, 2u or 3u
  • Internal N+1 Redundancy Options
  • Overvoltage/Overvoltage protection
  • Over temperature protection

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