Rugged Half Rack UPS

The PG400 utilizes the same proven full double conversion design of other PowergridM models in a highly portable half rack configuration for use with small man portable/deployable systems. It has an embedded Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery module with in excess of 10 minutes of hold time at 80% load. The 1U version supports one 28Vdc regulated output power connection and operates on 100-264 VAC 47-63Hz AC input. The 2U version has 2 outputs. The unit is equipped with an auditable alarm, internal Ethernet based SNMP, washable dust filters, and a battery pack disconnect switch for long term storage.

Product Highlights

  • Ruggedized 1U /2U Half Rack 400 Watt AC UPS
  • Lithium Iron Phosphate battery with >10 min Hold Time @ 80%
  • Field Replaceable Air Filters that can be hand washed and replaced
  • Universal AC Input of 100-264 VAC and from 47-63 Hz
  •  SNMP Based Network Connectivity for Status Monitoring
  • Over Voltage Capacity for Managed In-Rush and Start-up Demands
  • Over Voltage and Over Temperature Protection Circuits
  • Common Safety Ground Connection
  • Integrated Battery Switch for long term storage protection

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