MIL-VIC Series

The MIL-VIC SeriesTM family of ruggedized products provide reliable, cost effective Military Power Converter solutions. Output power levels range up to 2,000 watts in a variety of standard packages. The wide DC input range from 9-36VDC or 18-36 VDC which allow for multiple different uses across most military vehicles. Standard DC output options are available with a factory adjustable +/-20% of 3.3V, 5V, 8V, 12V, 15V, 24V, 28V, 36V & 48V ; custom output voltages are also available.

The chassis can either be conduction cooled, internal air flow convection cooled or heat sink cooled. The chassis is rated and designed for to meet all Military Standards of MIL-STD-1275 as well as for MIL-STD-810 sand, dust, debris, shock, vibration & humidity and MIL STD 1399 – MIL STD 704 – MIL STD 461.

Product Highlights

  • Universal DC Input Voltages (9-36VDC & 18-36VDC)
  • Power up to 2400 Watts
  • High Efficiencies
  • High Temperature Ranges
  • Standard mechanical enclosures designed for all environments
  • Optional IP67 IP68 Submersible chassis
  • Configurable for short lead times
  • Industry standard connection points
  • Cooling: Conduction Cooled/ Heatsink / Fanned Designs
  • Very Low Weight

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