MIL UPS Series 1U 19” rack mounted UPS

Rugged Military COTS Uninterruptible Power Supply UPS Designed to meet the MIL STD 1275 – MIL STD 1399 and more

The MIL-UPS Series Rugged COTS UPS is a 19” Rack Mount COTS Uninterruptible Power Supply in a 1U Rugged Chassis.

The PowergridM technology is implemented with a Load Balancing Interconnect (LBI) design that allows up to four (4) of the PowergridM units to be interconnected to create a larger Uninterruptible Power Solution. The LBI interconnects the inverter and power circuits in each unit allowing them to work together to provide a fully meshed, load balanced and uninterruptible PowergridM for the attached systems. Each attached UPS will provide its share of the demanded power while ensuring frequency and power synchronization with its attached neighbours.

This is the smallest and lightest UPS Product Line on the market weighing in at less than 26 Lbs.

This UPS Product Line comes in 4 options:

  • 800-watt UPS stackable up to 3200 watts
  • 1000-watt UPS stackable up to 4000 watts
  • 1200-watt UPS stackable up to 6000 watts
  • 2400-watt UPS stackable up to 7200 watts

Product Highlights

  • Ruggedized 1U high units weighing less than 26 Lbs.
  • Stackable and Interconnected Design
  • Dual Hot Swap Battery. 3 Lbs Each – 9+ Min Hold Time.
  • AC/DC Input Connections with Auto Sensing & Switching.
  • Dual Computer Controlled Inverter N+1 Design.
  • Over Voltage Capacity for In-Rush and Start-up Demands.
  • Over Voltage & Temperature Protection Circuits.
  • Based Network Connectivity for Monitoring & Reporting.
  • Primary Power Bypass Switch & Audible Power Loss Alarm.
  • Lightning Protection with Safety Ground Connection.

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