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Delta Electronics expand their range of Medical Adapters with 250W unit.

Delta Electronics has expanded its range of medical grade power adaptors by announcing the new MEA-250A24C medical AC-DC desktop type adapter. Being suitable for many applications such as patient monitoring and mobile workstations this 24Vdc/10.42A output adapter complies with the latest IEC/EN 60601-1-2 4th edition requirements. The MEA-250A24C also has both medical and ITE [...]

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Power Input Filter Module to simplify EMI requirements

Elec & Eltek Magnetic Products have recently released an input filter module to reduce noise to enable designers to easily meet EMI standards. The MD-R0122 is available in a surface mount package which is form, fit and function compatible to other filters available from alternative manufacturers such as the popular FLT007 module. Being designed [...]

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N2Power announce Value Added Manufacturing Capabilities

In a recent discussion with Randy Johnson VP Sales of N2Power we discussed how they were moving into the arena of “Value Added Manufacturing”. For many years N2Power have offered the facility to customers of modifications to their standard power supplies at low min quantities of around 250 pieces. These modifications are such as [...]

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Wide Input Medical Grade dc/dc modules

Luso has announced availability of four families of medical grade 2 x MOPP dc/dc converters. These wide input units cover power ranges of 4 to 20W.   The L4MW4WR, L4M6WR4, L4M11WR4 & L4M20WR families are 4W, 6W, 11W and 20W respectively. They are all EN60601 safety approved, and have minimum of 4Kv isolation for [...]

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Delta launch two new medical AC/DC ranges 600W and 1200W families.

Delta Electronics has launched two new AC/DC power supplies families; designed for use in both medical and industrial applications - the 600W Convection Cooled U-channel MEU series and the 1200W 1U Enclosed MEB series. Both product families come with universal AC input from 85Vac to 264Vac and wide operating temperature of -20°C to +70°C (with full [...]

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CMOSIS specify Andon sockets for their area & line scan image sensors

Luso has been advised that CMOSIS specify Andon sockets for 8 of their area scan image sensors and their 3 line scan image sensors. The Andon sockets are available for the following product ranges; CMV50000, CHR70M, CMV300, CMV2000, CMV4000, CMV8000, CMV12000, CMV20000, Dragster, Orion, and 4LS. Andon has developed the largest line of Image [...]

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Multi output power supplies offer flexibility in compact 3” x 5” package.

N2Power’s XL series of power supplies also offer multi output versions.   Whilst retaining their industry leading efficiency levels and high power densities that N2Power are renowned for, these supplies offer multiple voltage outputs simplifying designs and removing the requirement for further dc/dc drop down conversion. The standard range offers 3 models 1: with [...]

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Delta’s LNV Series – 320W LED Drivers with wide input range

Waterproof LED drivers added to Delta product range Luso Electronics, a representative for Delta Electronics announce that Delta Electronics have launched the LNV series of LED Driver with wide input voltage (180Vac – 528Vac) and constant current/ constant voltage output. The series of LED drivers with 320W output power comes with 12V, 24V, 36V and 48V output voltages. [...]

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