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IEC62368-1 certified 600W medical grade feature rich power supply offers competitive edge.

The ATM600 series of 600W AC/DC switch mode power supplies are ideal for many applications in both medical and industrial environments. Being already approved to the new IEC62368-1 standard, these supplies offer 2 x MOPP protection and are also certified to EN60601-1 (3.1). They operate with efficiencies of up to 95% and a leakage [...]

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Luso EDS Preview

Luso's team of dedicated Power Specialists will be at the Ricoh Arena Coventry, 17/18 October for the EDS Show. On our stand H65 we will be showing all the latest innovations from our partners such as Delta, Efore, Excelsys, N2Power, Elec&Eltek and AJ's Power Source. Key Featured products will be the CoolX line [...]

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Delta launch PACSR series of board mounted 300W & 500W AC/DC Bricks

Delta has introduced its new PACSR series of encapsulated board-mounted AC/DC converters. These ultra compact units which are 20% smaller than the size of competitor parts; also offer efficiencies of up to 94%. These modules can be used in outdoor power systems, addressing the need for fan-less applications in the industrial, COTS, signage and [...]

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HVM release SK Series of simple to implement ultra compact 5kV 1W dc/dc

Luso announce that HVM Technology have released the SK Series of miniature single-output, fully regulated DC to DC converters. They supply up to 5kV @1W in an ultra compact package of less than 1 cubic inch and are ideal for many applications, especially those with size constraints. A high impedance programming input makes it [...]

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Excelsys add more modules to line up to increase flexibility of the CoolX range

Luso announce that Excelsys have added two new CoolMod DC output modules expanding the CoolMod offering. The CmH is a dual output module and the CmF is a bulk power module for the CoolX Series of convection cooled modular configurable power supplies. The CmH CoolMod power module can deliver up to 100W power in [...]

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Delta announce new range of configurable power supplies with 2.1 kW unit

Luso announce that Delta have released their first product in their new range of configurable power supplies designed for both medical and industrial applications. The first release of the MEG series is MEG-2K1A6 with a total output power of 2.1 kW that can support up to 6 isolated outputs. The outputs can be configured between 2Vdc [...]

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Luso Services announce partnership for distribution of EqueTom™

Luso Services announce their partnership with the developers and manufacturers of the first mobile tomosynthesis scanning system; the EqueTom™. The EqueTom™, designed specifically for the equine market, is a state of the art imaging system that allows high quality, low dosage, multi slice images of a wide range of anatomical procedures which provide considerably more diagnostic detail [...]

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100W & 200W EN50155 certified wide input range dc/dc modules from Delta for rail applications

The H80SV series of dc/dc converters are ideal for many rail applications. Available in 100W & 200W variants, these modules cover a very wide input range, from 16.8V to 137.5V, with outputs of 12V,15V,24V,48V & 54V. Being available in industry standard pin-outs & footprints; the ½ brick modules offer high efficiencies at competitive costs. [...]

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Network Rail approved 19″ cabinets from APW

Available from Luso is APW’s range of 19” racks and cabinets. Several of their families are identified as being suitable for Rail and Transportation markets. Luso suggest however for Rail applications that the first choice should be their  Network Rail approved VERAK EMC/IP range, which offers /EMC shielding and IP65 protection. Luso are attending [...]

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